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Photo Competition - Thru the Ears "Winter/Spring Scene"

Quiz - Horses in Literature

Horses in Literature Quiz – February

1. In the Jill books (Ruby Ferguson) what are the names of Jill’s two ponies?
2. Who sells Black Boy to Jill?
3. In Riders by Jilly Cooper what is the name of Jake Lovell’s horse at the beginning of the book?
4. Who is Mrs Bodkin in Jilly Cooper’s Polo?
5. In Black Beauty who is Beauty’s groom at Birtwick Park?
6. Where is Christine Pullein Thompson’s book “Phantom Horse” set?
7. Walter Farley wrote which series of books?
8. Which story features an Australian creamy-silver stallion called Throwra
9. What is the name of the mythical sea horse that pulled Poseidon’s chariot?
10. What sort of farm was Folly Foot Farm?

Entries in the usual way, message, email, forum. Closing date 31st March

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