Reply To: The 50-Mile Challenge

Laura Jane Macholc

Finally it has stopped raining/blowing a gale & no lambing ewes demanding attention so Ed & I began our 50 miles challenge with Ladarna & Myrtle. 5 weeks ago Myrtle was very poorly in an equine veterinary hospital, she had idiopathic peritonitis. They pulled her through 🙂 This was her first outing since she came home & at the moment we can only hike as most of her torso has been surgically clipped so her lungs & abdomen could be scanned. She is rugged for the first time in her life, she is 18yo in a couple of months. Ed & Darna hiked too as dark clouds were threatening so it sped thing up not to have to tack Darna up. We achieved a total of 1.3 miles. Myrtle loved being out again, she is anosy mare, her head was on aswivel & she did an on the spot spook at a straw bale in a gateway that was not there 5 weeks ago. Darna was puzzled by hiking but not complaining.

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